फरक चस्मा



म आज बिल्कुल फरक दृश्टिले संसार हेर्दै छु
मेट्दै लेख्दै लेख्दै मेट्दै आज केहि फरक गर्दै छु
दिन दिनै आउने अचानक भावना हरुको कम्प्लिट कम्पैलेसन गर्दै छु
र आज नयाँ सोच रुपी आँखा ले संसार हेर्दै छु

बिहान ऐना मा हेर्दा अनुहार मिशृत पाए
म सायद मेरो कन्विक्सन लाई टेर्दै छु
साझा बसमा देखिएका सधैका यात्रीहरु फरक देखे आज
म सायद सबै माथी नयाँ मुखौट बेर्दै छु
र फरक दृस्टी ले संसार लाई हेर्दै छु

सडक को धुलो भन्दा जिवन को अवरोह हरुलाई मास्क चहिएछ
सास अलि अलि फेर्न सकु र रोक्न भावनाका प्रदुशनहरुलाई
धुलो केहि कम होला भनेर आँखा वरी परी पानी छर्दै छु
र आज फरक दृश्टी ले संसार लाई हेर्दै छु

शशान्क रेडएम्प्सन फेरी हेर्नु मन छ आज
कुनै समझना नभएको ठाउँ म जानु मन छ
तर कसैको लागी ढुङ्गा मुनी चिट्ठी लुकाउदिन होला
केहि समय अन्य भावना हरु को बाटो कुर्दै छु
आज बिल्कुल्ल छुचो भएर संसार लाई हेर्दै छु

अरुलाई हसाउन सजिलो छ तर आफु हासनु निकै गाह्रो लाग्छ
डाडामा गएर भक्कानिनु सजिलो लाग्दैन
कोठा भित्र सन्सारिक घमन्ड को उन्मात जाग्छ
तर आज अचानक टाकुरा तिर पाइला सार्दै छु
किनकी आज फरक दृस्टी ले संसार लाई हेर्दै छु

म मान्दै मान्दिन ढुङ्गा मा जिवन हुन्न भनेर
माटो चट्टान ढुङ्गा अनि पथ्थर हुन्छ यो पनि
आज हरेक अजिव भनिएका बस्तु को जिवन अध्धयन गर्दै छु
आज फरक धारातल मा फरक चस्मा ले जिवन लाई हेर्दै छु



How does a leaf move ?



How does a leaf move ?

She is there in the flat lands, hot , humid and no sun in the winter still moving.

She is there is the hills moving most of the time without hesitation.

She is only somewhere in the mountains , still doing her part

But how does she moves ?

When wind questions her how you feeling ?

She says i am ok nodding her whole body for a long time

Until wind is tired she doesn’t stop her movement.

Sometimes when sun ask her how you feeling coming close.

She again says ok and turn yellow without any refusal.

She retains the color without any anger or disagreement.

Again after some time she turns green and move as the wind approaches


When winter arrives sun comes more closer and wind comes more colder

She resist for some time and later turn down becoming brown

When she is dead her soul moves with the wind accompanying till she can

When she is dead her children’s go through the same circle.

Sometimes they meet and sometime they do not.

When wind swirls sometime they come face to face but again they apart.

Sometimes when tree gets older she dies with the tree slowly .

Even when tree is down , tree falls on her and many hers .

Sometime tree revives from the illness she dies but her children accompanies the tree.

Sometime when human cut the branches she dies and turn brown quick and give shades.

She is so salient, she gives , she transforms but she never questions.

  • from  Umushroom 🙂

Deliberate Thoughts


To all the people who had a bad day yesterday, who think it will be bad today, who think it will be bad tomorrow, I’ll say you what ” things gonna happen no matter in its own course ” so mitigation would be ” Smiling & these small moments, so & live the moment ” – meshinator 11:44


We are not deprived of love but we have unthought about immense love & care we can give to yourself & do so many small things which progressively let us see the world in a different dimension. Yourself

For my mind,back, hand and leg



Mountains are Calling……………..

It might sound strange to the people, that today my leg contented with me.
It first ached bad and gave me time to think about its sudden structure
When my mind focused on my leg pain, I forgot all the worldly tensions & felt I need to visit a doctor

Then my leg, communicated with my hand as it needed some rubs
And then mind together with my leg and hand, played a proxy game.
I have given so much liberty to them in past so I’m the one to blame

So then mind played as a team leader & satirically asked me to listen to the leg
I am and was not in the condition to accept their rhetoric so I had to beg
Since I cannot take the freedom from them so I talked
First, it laughed, gave a sudden pinch in my ankles & I was mocked
I could see my mind on top & hand on between waiting as an eager flock
Leg then, asked me “Don’t You Miss the Mountain”, and I remarked ” Yes ”
As mind and hand were murmuring I was baffled by this sudden nexus

Then my back, spoke out of nowhere, telling “why aren’t you giving me my favorite rug-sack”
Then I realized, rebels have been growing and found out the root cause.
Then they all came together and asked about their favorites
Mountain roads, rug-sack, trekking pole and old boots were the things they again asked for.
Suddenly, leg said I am alright, it just we wanted to talk so I gave a little ache & asked for talking floor
I said ” I know you guys are missing so many things lately”, so I promised them that I will go to the mountains and forest again which all adore
I thanked them again, for bringing my consciousness together
And said ” I will head somewhere soon cause you guys are the one for whom I can walk for”

Apart From Everything..

All our lives moves like tumbleweed, still unparalleled & variant

All our senses murders own old senses & the killing & lynching of thoughts go on

All our misery or misfortune, comes in array & loops itself in its own confusions

All our subtle moments of smiles & exaltations, have that tiny opening of fear & loathing

I wonder what is serene & un-agitated, of which we can cogitate & believe in its system.

I wonder why I notice the pain around, still let go unnoticed & lament over & over

I wonder why I do something joyfully & later joy turns into fury & regrets

I wonder who is this someone else living inside me who is making me do ,

My soul friend, my only soul answers me sometime, I am the only one, true inside you.

I am your friend, I am your knowledge, I am the one who is true, who is your sense.

And I remark again, you my soul must have taken some long vacations

The last time you were here, you were doing the talking & all contemplations.

World might consider me dead without you & your camouflaged states

But my friends their lives someone & lot of like me without soul, with thoughts of blades

Apart from everything, there is a different person that lives inside the closed doors

Who the world have never known & will never know the unknown.